Many thanks! It was obvious from day one that you cared about me, not just as a client, but as a person as well. I'll never forget you.
Former Client - Car Accident Victim


How Much Does it Cost?

We understand that when you've been hurt, your ability to earn income may have been reduced. Perhaps you haven’t earned money for a long time. And we understand that, like all of us, you have ongoing living expenses.

That's why if we think you have a case, we will wait for payment until your lawsuit is either settled, or you have obtained a court judgement for our fees. Typically, these fees are percentage of your compensation, so there's no cost for you until your case is won.

Our maximum contingency fee is 33% for personal injury claims. Please note that these are maximum amounts only, and we will be able to provide you a specific fee quote once we have obtained particulars of your case.

Please contact us to learn more.