I regularly refer clients to Jellinek Law. In my opinion, Simona is one of Ontario's leading lawyers in helping sexual assault survivors obtain proper compensation.
Robert B. Munroe, Ross & McBride LLP, OTLA Past President

Choosing a Lawyer

Several factors need to go into your choice of a Canadian sexual assault lawyer or personal injury legal firm:


Choosing a lawyer to represent you is an important part of your case. Having a lawyer you can rely on is essential for a successful outcome.

At Jellinek Law, we pride ourselves on our clients’ satisfaction. We try to answer your questions with knowledge and compassion. We understand that sometimes, the best option from a legal standpoint is not the best option for you. We advise you – we don’t tell you what to do. The choice is always yours.

We work hard to earn your trust.


Experience is crucial. At Jellinek Law, we have the experience to provide the best legal advice possible. We know the law. And we know the psychology and medicine behind the injuries.

Simona Jellinek and Erin Ellis are two of only a handful of lawyers who devote most of their practice to this difficult and specialized area. In this field for over 15 years, they have the knowledge, compassion and dedication to ensure their clients receive the best possible outcome.

Catastrophic injuries from car accidents also require you to have a lawyer with optimal experience and knowledge. We regularly represent severely injured people and obtain the compensation they need to care for themselves and their loved ones.

We have the experience to help.


Getting you compensation, for your injuries, is what we do. We work hard to build your case from the first time you contact us.

We don’t give up. At Jellinek Law, we have often obtained significant compensation for people who were told by other lawyers that they didn't have a case.

But a "successful" outcome is determined by you. Although we always try to get you the most compensation possible, either through a settlement or at trial, we also understand, that at times, success has nothing to do with money.

We're dedicated to achieving the results you deserve.

Contact us.