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Male Victims of Sexual Abuse

Boys can be sexually abused or assaulted, and so can adult men. At Jellinek Law, we've represented many male victims of sexual abuse and assault. We know it's different for guys – often hard to talk about, and even harder to understand how it has affected your confidence, as well as many other areas of your life. We can help you take back control and fight for deserved compensation.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ontario announces help for male victims of sexual abuse

A new network of sexual abuse centres in Ontario will offer sexual abuse support exclusively for men. While there are many support systems in place for women and children, there has never been such a coordinated approach for men.

Attorney General Chris Bentley announced the $2-million network on Tuesday. “Every victim of abuse should have somewhere to turn and to have support,” he said.

The network is the first in Canada. Current funding will extend over two years, but Bentley says the program is permanent. Ontario will be carved into four regions and each will have a lead agency that can set up counselling support for men and help male sexual assault victims access police or legal help.

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