Quite simply, Simona never gave up. She managed to turn a negative experience into a positive one.
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Slip and Fall? Our Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help!

Have you slipped on an icy sidewalk? Fallen on a wet floor at the market? Tripped on a rug in someone's office? Or had a heavy object fall on you in a public space? If you've been seriously hurt because of someone else's negligence, the property owner, tenant, or municipality may be liable for your injuries.

Property owners, businesses, and the government must provide visitors and patrons with a safe environment. Generally, that means their locations need to be well lit, adhere to the building code, and be free of dangerous obstacles. But proof of negligence requires a thorough understanding of federal, provincial and municipal laws. For example, in the city of Toronto, tenants are responsible for clearing hazardous snow and ice from steps, walks, driveways, and parking spaces within 24 hours of a storm, while other municipalities have different time limits (or none at all).

For over 15 years, the lawyers and staff at Jellinek Law have been assisting personal injury victims after a slip and fall, or similar type accident. Unlike the giant law firms, our personal approach allows us take an interest in you, your goals, and your specific needs during this process. We're dedicated to helping you through this tough time, while fighting for the compensation you deserve.

If you've recently been hurt on someone else's property, get in touch with our Toronto "slip and fall" lawyers as soon as possible for a free consultation. There are time limits on filing a personal injury claim, and acting quickly gives you the best chance at a successful settlement or judgement. We'll help you though the filing of your claim and ensure the legal paperwork is properly completed and submitted within the Statute of Limitations. We can then advocate for you through the mediation or trial process, ensuring your interests are properly represented, resulting in an optimal settlement or judgement.

And in the majority of cases, no upfront fees are required – we only get paid after we successfully get you compensation. Contact us to learn more about our services.